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SMDR Multiplexer (freeware)

The purpose of SMDR Multiplexer - to connect (over the network) several SMDR receivers to one PBX. Examples:

  • to connect a few call accounting programs (to test and compare)
  • call accounting and system messages logger (to instantly inform the administrator about problems with the PBX)

Besides of 'multiplying' data, SMDR Multiplexer can save data received from the PBX into a separate log file.

SMDR Multiplexer can be used with virtually any modern PBX. Requirements:

  • PBX behaves as a nework server
  • no confirmation of data reception is required (i.e. telnet can be used to receive SMDR data)

Doesn't require installation.

It is not necessary to use the program only for SMDR data - if the above conditions are met, it can be used with other sources.