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KX-TDA Navigator

KX-TDA Navigator

  • What is the purpose of the program?

    Comparison of configuration files of Panasonic KX-TDA100/200 PBX.
    The program generates a list of discovered discrepancies - click for a sample.

    Sample DSYS files used to generate a sample.
  • When it may be necessary?

    For example, to reveal origin of the staion's malfunction after un-authorised change of settings. Naturally, it is necessary to make a backup of original DSYS file before.
  • Well, but it is possible to reset PBX using mentioned backup!

    And lose Speed Dials, Account codes, other settings made by the customer by himself after the last backup?
  • How can I get the files to be compared?

    Two DSYS files (backuped and current) are compared (or DSYS and DINI - in this case you will get list of all changes done since launching of the PBX)
    These files may be downloaded from the PBX using 'KX-TDA Maintenance console' software - see 'Tools->SD memory backup', then 'Utility->File transfer PBX (SD card) to PC'

    These files may also be found on the flash SD-card installed into the PBX.

Download link for KXTDA Navigatorhere