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KX-TA Programmator, version 1.02.8


KX-TA PBX may be programmed from the computer?!

Yes, it does. Only very first versions of KX-TA (ROM Y501, some of Y551; but it is possible to upgrade the ROM chip) did not have this feature. You can check the ROM version using a proprietary telephone (see cmd 998).

To connect KX-TA PBX you will need null modem cable.
Null-modem cable
The cable sometimes is sold as "serial cable to establish a direct connection between two computers". For ready cable search Google for "null modem cable purchase".

Attention! The cable should have 'female' type connectors on both sides!

If the computer is not equipped with serial COM-port (as many moderm laptops) then "USB to Serial Converter" may be used - for example, see TRENDnet USB to Serial Converter TU-S9

Another adapter that may fit (it seems this adapter only accepts NONE for parity - may need to change the setting in PBX to NONE as well)) - Ftdi Usb DB-25

How to check the RS232 cable
A null modem cable is required - see the help file for the interconnection diagram.

The easiest way is to try to connect the Programmator to the PBX. If it didn't work, then you can:

  • check the cable with an ohm meter and compare with the wiring diagram
  • try to get a call log from the station. To do this, you can use any terminal emulation program (for example, PuTTY ; no installation required) and set exactly the same settings in it (port number, speed, parity, etc.) that are used in the station.
    If unsure, try 1200, 7, 1, MARK
    That's it - now you have to wait. After completing the next call (outgoing), you should see something like this line:

    8/31/05 11:36 AM 24 02 555125737 00:00'15" ….

  • if, instead of a neat line, 'garbage' symbols appeared on the screen, then the cable is working properly, but you made a mistake with the port settings

if there is nothing at all, check the cable (and settings).

Sample screenshot (click to enlarge):

KX-TA Programmator

Try Programmator yourself - click here to download.

How to buy?
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