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KXTA Programmator, version 1.02.7


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KX-TA/KX-TE Programmator - a must-have professional tool for a number of Panasonic KX-TA/KX-TE PBX models

Programming a Panasonic KX-TA/KX-TE PBX system may be tricky, given the number of features they offer and the size of the user’s manual. If your work includes the configuration of Panasonic KX-TA PBX systems, you can save a considerable amount of time and effort by using a specialized configuration utility like KX-TA/KX-TE Programmator.

KX-TA/KX-TE Programmator is a compact, yet powerful hardware configuration tool for the KX-TA line of Panasonic PBX products. The program considerably simplifies the setup and configuration process and saves you the trouble of searching the 200+ page manual for the necessary function. All phone features and parameters are presented in the form of clear and simple dropdowns and checkboxes that minimize the risk of making a configuration mistake. The software requires a female-female null-modem cable for connection. In case your computer does not have a serial COM port (which is the case with all modern laptops, for instance), you can use a USB-Serial converter to connect the devices.

KX-TA/KX-TE Programmator is a handy tool all system and network administrators working in organizations with Panasonic KX-TA/KX-TE PBX units installed. This compact solution dramatically reduces the time required for initial PBX setup and further maintenance. At the same time, the interface of the program is simple enough to be efficiently used even by inexperienced users looking to modify a few parameters of their PBX unit. If you ever need to configure Panasonic KX-TA PBX systems, feel free to download a free demo from the official site right now!

KX-TA PBX may be programmed from the computer?!

Yes, it does. Only very first versions of KX-TA (ROM Y501, some of Y551; but it is possible to upgrade the ROM chip) did not have this feature. You can check the ROM version using a proprietary telephone (see cmd 998).

To connect KX-TA PBX you will need null modem cable.
Null-modem cable
The cable sometimes is sold as "serial cable to establish a direct connection between two computers". For ready cable search Google for "null modem cable purchase".

Attention! The cable should have 'female' type connectors on both sides!

If the computer is not equipped with serial COM-port (as many moderm laptops) then "USB to Serial Converter" may be used - for example, see TRENDnet USB to Serial Converter TU-S9

Sample screenshot (click to enlarge):

KX-TA Programmator

Try Programmator yourself - click here to download.

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